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  • April 22, 2013


Should You Invest in a Mobile Business Website or a Mobile App?

If the numbers surrounding mobile computing and mobile e-commerce aren’t enough to make you excited about the business possibilities, then you aren’t paying attention. There’s never been a more important time to embrace the changes that are taking place in Internet marketing – especially when tens of millions of smart phones and tablets are coming off the shelves, and into your customers’ hands, every month.

There’s a big difference between “wanting to go mobile” and having a defined mobile computing strategy, however. And so, it’s no surprise that we often meet with new clients who aren’t sure if they should invest in a mobile business website or developing an app. Where does it make the most sense to begin?

Although there isn’t ever any blanket answer that would apply to every company, the most common solution is to do both, but with the mobile website coming first. Here are a few reasons why, along with what you need to know:

1. Launching a mobile business website generally takes a small investment of time and money. There are a lot of reasons for this, but it’s important to note that most mobile business websites are closely tied to existing business websites. That means that you can take advantage of existing copy, images, product descriptions, and so on. All you have to do is make them more usable for mobile customers.

2. A mobile business website will generally show a faster return. There are already hundreds of millions of mobile web users online, and lots of them probably do business with your company on a regular basis. And so, moving them over to your mobile business website – and making it profitable out of the gate – is typically less of a challenge than entering the crowded market for mobile apps.

3. Mobile apps can bring profits from sales, customer engagement, or both. Despite the competition, however, there is big money to be made in mobile app development. First, there are the sales alone to consider. Many best-selling apps generate revenue that grows well into the millions, and lesser-known successful apps can bring in new cash every quarter. Beyond that, your app doesn’t have to be a big seller to make you more profitable, especially if it brings more customers to your company (or your website) on a regular basis.

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